Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to tell if the FOI response you have received is bullshit. Part 1: introduction

There are lots of guides on how to make a FOI request. One of the best is Foiman's at The ICO guidance is ok too.

But if you are not experienced at using FOI, how do you work out whether the gobbledygook you have received is a good or a bad answer?

I am still irked at how few people ask for internal reviews (and where organisations do not have someone independent and senior in the organisation assessing the internal review, I cannot see how they can have much value), and how rarely people go to the ICO, let alone the Tribunal.

So, I intend to write a series of posts, going through the exemptions, roughly in order of how often they are used, so requestors can learn to spot a bullshit reply. This is not meant for seasoned requestors, but for relative beginners or infrequent requestors.

Do read Paul's guide and the others that he links to - these are excellent starting points.

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